MEASURE Evaluation to Lead Kenya Associate Award

MEASURE Evaluation has won an Associate Award in Kenya – with a ceiling of $35 million over 5 years.

Chapel Hill, North Carolina USA – After recent senior management transition, as Jim Thomas has taken over as project director, MEASURE Evaluation has won an Associate Award in Kenya – with a ceiling of $35 million over 5 years.

MEASURE Evaluation will help the Government of Kenya’s Ministry of Health (MOH) to improve their capacity in monitoring and evaluation (M&E) of public health programs. The focus of this Associate Award will be to improve the M&E capacity of the MOH to identify and respond to information needs at the national and sub-national levels, to increase availability and use of quality health information at national and sub-national levels, and to improve M&E capacity for local training and research institutions.

MEASURE Evaluation shall emphasize sustainability, decreasing the future need for technical assistance by conducting as much of the work as possible through the Government of Kenya; bring to bear tools that it has developed and its own culture of M&E innovation; work to integrate health information systems  across disciplines, organizations and beneficiaries; and promote country-wide performance.

About MEASURE Evaluation

MEASURE Evaluation is a consortium of organizations, led by the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Partners include ICF International (ICF), Tulane University, Management Sciences for Health, Futures Group International and John Snow International. MEASURE Evaluation works in 40 countries. Each partner brings unique and complementary capabilities to the consortium and their roles vary according the country needs. In the case of Kenya, ICF has played the largest role and will continue to do so.

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