MEASURE Evaluation Vision

Institutions and people empowered to identify, collect, analyze, and use technically sound information to improve global health and well-being.

Mission Statement

MEASURE Evaluation provides technical leadership through collaboration at local, national, and global levels to advance the field of global health monitoring and evaluation. We build the sustainable capacity of individuals and organizations to identify data needs, collect and analyze technically sound data, and use those data for health decision making. We create, implement, and facilitate state-of-the-art methods for and approaches to improving monitoring and evaluation, health information systems, and data use. We collect, share, and disseminate information, knowledge, and best practices in order to support evidence-informed decision making.

Project Values

We seek to be a project that:

  • Earns and maintains the trust of our funder, collaborators, and colleagues through excellence, integrity, hard work, and accountability
  • Adapts to changes, challenges, and new opportunities in our environment
  • Seeks to innovate and lead, as well as implement
  • Learns from experience—from each other and from those we work with outside the project
  • Shares our knowledge and skills, building the capacity of the individuals and organizations we work with