HIS Strengthening Model

Source: MEASURE Evaluation, 2017. Health Information System Strengthening Model. Chapel Hill, NC: MEASURE Evaluation, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

The overall purpose of MEASURE Evaluation’s Health Information System Strengthening Model is to articulate the project’s current understanding and guide ongoing learning in how health information systems (HIS) in low- and middle-income countries are designed, developed, and implemented over time to support health systems and improve health outcomes. More details will be added to the model to further expand upon the key characteristics of an HIS, the relationships between these characteristics, and a description of external influences as the project gains new knowledge through studies and existing activities.

The model consists of three main areas in which HIS strengthening occurs:

MEASURE Evaluation engages in HIS strengthening primarily at the country level; this is central to the design of the model. Our intention is for the model to be useful for countries at both national and subnational levels as a guide in their assessment, planning, and improvement of health information systems.

For a summary overview of the model, its purpose, and a description of each area of the model, see the HIS Strengthening Model Overview (also available in French).

For HIS managers, MEASURE Evaluation staff, and other project staff implementing HIS interventions, please see A Model to Frame What We Know and What We Need to Learn. In addition to describing the model in further detail, this document explores the HIS strengthening process, the selection of interventions to strengthen HIS based on appropriate assessment methods, HIS sustainability, and the need to measure HIS performance and monitor and evaluation specific HIS interventions.

If you have feedback regarding the model, please contact us.

MEASURE Evaluation is also gathering documentation on other indicators related to health information system strengthening (HISS) components, such as HIS governance and leadership, HIS management, data management, data quality, information products and dissemination, and HIS performance. See the HIS Country Profile Indicators

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