HIS Strengthening Model

Source: MEASURE Evaluation, 2018. Health Information System Strengthening Model. Chapel Hill, NC: MEASURE Evaluation, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

MEASURE Evaluation’s Health Information System Strengthening Model (HISSM) articulates the project’s current understanding of how health information systems (HIS) in low- and middle-income countries are designed, developed, and implemented to support health systems and improve health outcomes over time. It also guides our ongoing learning, depicts the elements of an HIS and the relationships among them, and illustrates external influences. It is amended as the project gains new knowledge through studies, existing and new activities, and the learnings of others in the field.

Central to the model design is the fact that MEASURE Evaluation engages in HIS strengthening primarily at the country level. Our intention is for the model to be useful for countries at both national and subnational levels as a guide for the assessment, planning, and improvement of their HIS.

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