Total Market Approach to Family Planning

MEASURE Evaluation Resources to Increase Access to Family Planning Through a Total Market Approach

To expand the market in contraceptives and address couples’ unmet need for family planning, effective coordination is needed among the three sectors that deliver contraceptive products and services in developing countries: the public sector, the nonprofit sector, and the commercial sector.

A total market approach (TMA) to family planning gathers and uses data to strengthen collaboration among these sectors. Its ultimate goal is to create an efficiently segmented market that provides women access to a full range of family planning products and services. Although many countries are interested in adopting a TMA to inform their family planning policies and strategies, there is little consistency in the steps they take to make this decision. To address this need, MEASURE Evaluation, in collaboration with the Evidence Project and PATH, has developed several resources to standardize how countries assess their need and readiness for a TMA. These are:

Handbook for Research on the Family Planning Market

Planning Guide for a Total Market Approach to Increase Access to Family Planning


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