Organizational Development

Strong health systems require adequate financing, competent leadership, trained health workers, reliable health information systems, a network of facilities, and a supply chain of commodities that can deliver optimum health outcomes for people. MEASURE Evaluation provides expertise in organization development (OD) to assist organizations to build their capacity to provide these essential components of health systems and service delivery.

We do this by identifying individual and institutional needs, current strengths, and challenges, and then supporting the change processes and improvements necessary to achieve results. MEASURE Evaluation is funded by USAID to help strengthen health systems through activities that improve monitoring and evaluation (M&E) units within health ministries and organizations, routine health information systems and community-based health information systems, and overall organizational functioning at national and sub-national levels in low-resource countries.

We build strength at the individual, institutional, and systems levels in the following key competencies:

  • Clarity of organizational vision
  • Comprehensive strategic planning
  • Effective organizational structure (with key systems in place and functioning)
  • Strong governance structures
  • Well-developed leadership capacity (teamwork, change management)
  • Strong management and human resource capacity (business planning; marketing strategies and practices; financial management systems; human resource management processes)