An assessment of sites where persons go to meet sexual partners in St. James, Jamaica, using the PLACE method


Author(s): Figueroa JP, Brewer CB, Dale D, Bassett Hileman S, Weir S

Year: 2007

Sex Trans Dis 2007. 34(6):410-415.
Objective: The objective of this study was to assess sexual behavior of persons at risk of HIV infection. Goal: The goal of this study was to identify sites where HIV prevention is needed. Study Design: Customers at sites where persons meet new sex partners in St. James, Jamaica, were surveyed. Results: Of 421 sites, 282 men and 200 women (random sample, 23 sites) and 320 men and 265 women (special sample, 26 sites) were interviewed. Over one fourth of men and 14% (special) and 4% (random) of women had one or more new sex partners in the last 4 weeks. Seventy-eight percent of men reported condom use at last sex with a new partner compared with 66% of women. Approximately 50% of respondents reported condom use at last sex with a regular partner. Conclusion: Sites at which people meet new sex partners were diverse with significant opportunities for prevention. Commercial and transactional sex are features at many sites.

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