The results framework - an innovative tool for program planning and evaluation


Author(s): Toffolon-Weiss MM, Bertrand JT, Terrell SS

Year: 1999

Eval Rev 1999. 23(3):336-359.
This article constitutes a case study of the development and implementation of the "results framework," an innovative planning and evaluation tool that is rapidly becoming a standard requirement for United States Agency for International Development (USAID) projects. The framework is used in a USAID-funded regional initiative for HIV/AIDS prevention in Central America. This new program evaluation and monitoring tool provides many advantages over traditional evaluation approaches that use outside consultants to provide midterm and end-of-project evaluations. The results-framework process, which spans the life of the project, provides an opportunity for program staff, donors, partners, and evaluators to work as a team to collect and use rich, longitudinal data for project planning, implementation, and evaluation purposes.

Filed under: HIV/AIDS