Sample Vital Registration with Verbal Autopsy: Verbal Autopsy Supervisor's Manual

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Author(s): Whiting D, Williams D, Mswia R, Hemed Y, Setel P

Year: 2007


Sample Vital Registration with Verbal Autopsy (SAVVY) is a library of best practice methods for improving the quality of vital statistics where high coverage of civil registration and/or good cause of death data are not available. This manual describes the roles and responsibilities of the verbal autopsy (VA) supervisor in the SAVVY mortality surveillance system. The manual specifies the procedures and criteria to be used during selection and training of various cadres; it also highlights the supervisory and administrative arrangements that need to be made and implemented before, during, and after completion of data collection. There are separate manuals for key informants and verbal autopsy interviewers, used for training and reference during the course of data collection. This manual is relevant for district officials who will function as SAVVY VA supervisors. A VA supervisor may refer to this manual as a guide for day-to-day operation of the death reporting system and verbal autopsy data collection activities.

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