Scale for Measuring the Stages of Improvement of a Health Information System

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Author(s): MEASURE Evaluation

Year: 2017

Scale for Measuring the Stages of Improvement of a Health Information System Abstract:

The “Stages of Health Information System (HIS) Improvement” scale is the first of three parts of a toolkit that countries or organizations can use to assess, plan, and prioritize investments to strengthen an HIS, based on where the HIS is now and where they want it to be. The scale outlines six domains and 26 associated subdomains, spelling out attributes of improvement across five stages of progress toward a high-functioning system. The scale can be used to develop a roadmap for HIS improvement aligned with an HIS strategic plan or a health systems plan.

An assessment tool and a users’ guide to accompany this scale are forthcoming. These will guide users through an assessment process that either external or internal evaluators can conduct. The process should involve stakeholders from across the health system. The assessment tool will identify where a given HIS falls in each domain and subdomain of the scale. The users’ guide will then identify corresponding tools and resources to support improvement in any given domain.

Access the toolkit.

This document is not available in print from MEASURE Evaluation.

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