Zambia Sexual Behaviour Survey 2000

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Year: 2002


In 1998 the first Zambia Sexual Behavior Survey (ZSBS) was carried out to assess Zambian individuals, families, and communities' knowledge, attitudes, practices and behaviors related to HIV/AIDS. The 2000 ZBS is the second of these surveys, which are scheduled for every two years to enable assessing changes over time. The knowledge section of the ZSBS assessed whether or not Zambians had heard of HIV/AIDS if they knew how and how it is not transmitted, if they knew how to prevent infection, and if they had been tested. The attitude section of the ZSBS asked respondents about their attitudes towards an HIV-infected individual: whether they should allowed to work, whether respondents would share a meal with or buy goods from such an individual, and whether a respondent would want a family member's HIV+ status kept secret. The practice section of the ZSBS asked respondents aobut their own high-risk practices: sex with a non-regular partner, having sex with an extra-marital partner, and their prevalences of other sexually transmitted infections.

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