A Meta-analysis of the Impact of Family Planning Programs on Fertility Preferences, Contraceptive Method Choice and Fertility

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Author(s): Angeles G, et al

Year: 2001

This paper presents a meta-analysis of the results of Angeles, et. al. (1996). The purpose of the original paper was to examine the evidence of the impact of family planning programs on three key sets of outcome variables: fertility preferences, contraceptive method choice, and fertility. The results from multivariate models for these outcome variables using Demographic and Health Survey (DHS) data or comparable cross-sectional data sets with family planning program variables included in the set of explanatory variables are summarized below with detailed results available in Angeles, et. al. (1996). The countries included in this paper constitute a broad geographical representation and cover countries with large population size. The specific countries are Kenya, Morocco, Tanzania, Tunisia, Zimbabwe, Bolivia, Peru, Indonesia, the Philippines, China and India.