Report of PLACE Assessments in Almaty, Kazakhstan, Central Asia 2002 and 2003

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Author(s): Zhussupov B, Alimbekova G, Tate J E, Bassett-Hileman S, Weir S S

Year: 2004

Report of PLACE Assessments in Almaty, Kazakhstan, Central Asia  2002 and 2003 Abstract:
This in-depth, 236-page report discusses the results of the Priorities for Local AIDS Control Efforts (PLACE) analysis of Almaty, Kazakhstan conducted in 2002 and 2003. PLACE 2002 and PLACE 2003 attempted to identify specific sites within Almaty where HIV transmission was likely to occur and to examine the change in these sites over time. This assessment included questions provided by local intervention groups to help focus and monitor prevention programs, and attempted to collect more information to estimate the size of the most-at-risk populations in Almaty. Community informants identified more than 850 unique sites in 2002 and more than 1,000 unique sites in 2003 as places where people meet new sexual partners, commercial sex workers solicit clients, and injection drug users socialize. Researchers interviewed 2,100 individuals at more than 250 of these sites about their risk behaviors, receptivity to HIV/AIDS prevention efforts. The results of this work, as well as in-depth analysis and recommendations for future HIV/AIDS prevention efforts, are presented in this report.

This document is not available in print from MEASURE Evaluation.

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