Workgroup Climate Assessment

The Workgroup Climate Assessment (WCA) is a simple, reliable, and validated tool designed to measure climate in intact workgroups at all levels of an organization. In a Ministry of Health, this includes workgroups or teams at the local (clinic) level all the way up to workgroups at the central level. For a non-governmental organization  this includes technical and administrative teams as well as the executive management teams.

The WCA Guide for Facilitators consists of the following components:

  • WCA Tool
  • Tabulation sheets and feedback reports by hand
  • Tabulation instructions for using Excel
  • Facilitators Plan for conducting the WCA
  • A detailed review of Workgroup Climate
  • Leading and Managing practices for improving Workgroup Climate
  • Handouts for discussion groups
  • Instructions for applying the WCA with members of a group

The first part of the Guide provides an overview of climate and the WCA tool and explains how to use the WCA as part of an organizational improvement process. The annexes of the Guide include all the necessary materials for facilitating a short workshop to administer the WCA with a workgroup and analyze the results. Facilitators who will be using the WCA with a workgroup should read the entire Guide to become familiar with the tool, its participatory philosophy, and the steps involved in using it.

WCA guide and tool

WCA Excel tabulation sheet