Regional Workshop on Monitoring and Evaluation of HIV/AIDS Programs - Anglophone Africa

In collaboration with the School of Health Sciences and Public Health at University of Pretoria

This page contains course modules, handouts and other training materials from a workshop on monitoring and evaluation of HIV/AIDS programs that was implemented by MEASURE Evaluation and our regional partners at the School of Health Sciences and Public Health at University of Pretoria in March 2011. It was an international course that offered intensive training on the fundamental concepts and tools for monitoring and evaluating HIV/AIDS programs. During the workshop, participants gained hands-on experience in designing monitoring and evaluation plans by doing exercises and working in small groups. These groups then presented the results of their projects during the final day of the workshop.

The core modules for this workshop were created by MEASURE Evaluation staff, in particular Stephanie Mullen, DrPH; Renee Fiorentino, MPH; and Roger Schimberg, MPH; as well as individuals affiliated with our partners at University of Pretoria, including Dr. Andy Beke; Dr. Delphin Tshbangu; and Dr. Zeleke Worku. We also would like to thank other contributors for their help and guidance, both within MEASURE Evaluation and outside experts, too numerous to mention here.

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Session 1: Overview to the Workshop

Session 2: Overview to HIV and AIDS in Africa

Session 3: Introduction to M&E

Session 4: M&E Plans

Session 5: Frameworks

Session 6: Indicators

Session 7: Data Sources

Session 8: Data Quality

Session 9: Surveys and Sampling

Session 10: Qualitative Methods

Session 11: Data Analysis

Session 12: GIS

Session 13: Evaluation Designs

Session 14: Surveillance

Session 15: PLACE

Session 16: M&E for Prevention Programs

Session 17: M&E for BCC Programs

Session 18: M&E for OVC Programs

Session 19: M&E for PMTCT Programs (Removed at the request of the author)

Session 20: M&E for Treatment Programs

Session 21: M&E for VCT Programs

Session 22: M&E for TB/HIV Programs

Session 23: UNAIDS Tools

Session 24: Field Visit

Session 25: Data Demand and Information Use

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