Qualitative Methods in Evaluation of Public Health Programs Training Workshop Presentations

qual-eval-ppt.PNGBelow, you will find PowerPoint presentations for each of the 12 sessions in the Qualitative Methods in Evaluation of Public Health Programs training workshop.

Session 1. Introduction to Paradigms and Qualitative Evaluation
Session 2. Creating and Conceptualizing Qualitative Evaluation Questions
Session 3. Troubleshooting in Selected Qualitative Methods for Evaluation
Session 4. Developing Data Collection Tools
Session 5. Sampling Strategies and Saturation
Session 6. Qualitative Data Analysis Techniques for Drawing Themes
Session 7. Qualitative Data Analysis: Hands-On
Session 8. Quality Research Standards for Qualitative Inquiry: Trustworthiness
Session 9. Developing a Fieldwork Plan for Qualitative Evaluation
Session 10. Data Presentation and Dissemination
Session 11. Key Ethical Principles in Qualitative Evaluation
Session 12. Integrating Gender into Your Evaluation

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