Associate Awards

MEASURE Evaluation is a "leader with associates" cooperative agreement. The United States Agency for International Development (USAID) awarded the Carolina Population Center at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and five partner organizations (Palladium, ICF International, John Snow Inc, Management Sciences for Health, and Tulane University) the initial leader award for MEASURE Evaluation Phase III in 2008.

Three "associate” awards were awarded to the MEASURE Evaluation team under Phase III from 2012–2014 by the USAID missions in Kenya, South Africa, and Tanzania. The associate awards focus on enhancing the monitoring and evaluation systems within each of the countries’ health sectors. Stronger health information systems are essential components of health systems strengthening and country’s efforts to prevent child and maternal deaths and control the HIV/AIDS epidemic. Together, these awards contribute to better health for people living in low-income countries by building capacity within governments and health institutions to provide the evidence and information necessary to change what needs to be changed and to scale up what works.

In June 2019, USAID awarded a five-year malaria project to MEASURE Evaluation – Strengthening Surveillance, Monitoring, and Evaluation for Malaria Control and EliminationConsortium partners are UNC, ICF Macro, Inc., Tulane University, John Snow, Inc., and Palladium International, LLC.

In September 2018, USAID awarded two five-year projects to MEASURE Evaluation – Data for Impact, and TB DIAH. 

Data for Impact (D4I)

TB Data, Impact Assessment and Communications Hub (TB DIAH) 

MEASURE Evaluation PIMA in Kenya (ended in 2017)

MEASURE Evaluation SIFSA in South Africa (ended in 2018)

MEASURE Evaluation TZ in Tanzania