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The indicators in this collection are categorized by areas of community-based HIV project implementation: Vulnerable Children (VC), Prevention of Mother-to-Child Transmission (PMTCT), Key Populations (KP), HIV Prevention (HIV PREV), and Home-Based Care (HBC). Click on any indicator to below see its definition, including how to use the indicator, the method of measurement, levels of disaggregation, data sources, data quality considerations, and more.

1 Number of beneficiaries served by vulnerable children programs VC
2 Number of births to HIV-positive women attended by skilled health personnel PMTCT, HIV PREV
3 Number of HIV-exposed infants receiving a virological test for HIV within two months of birth VC, PMTCT, HIV PREV
4 Number of HIV-exposed infants with acute malnutrition at 12 months of age VC
5 Number of HIV-exposed infants who are exclusively breastfed at three months of age PMTCT, HIV PREV, VC
6 Number of HIV-positive pregnant women who received antenatal care at least four times prior to delivery PMTCT, HIV PREV
7 Number of HIV-positive women who received antiretroviral therapy during pregnancy HIV PREV, PMTCT
8 Number of people currently on antiretroviral therapy KP, HBC, PMTCT, VC
9 Number of people identified to have experienced sexual, physical, or emotional violence VC, HBC, PMTCT, KP, HIV PREV
10 Number of people known to be on treatment 12 months after initiation of antiretroviral therapy VC, PMTCT, HIV PREV, KP
11 Number of people living with HIV who know their status VC, PMTCT, HBC, KP
12 Number of people living with or affected by HIV provided with spiritual or psychosocial support services KP, HBC, HIV PREV, VC
13 Number of people of reproductive age currently using a modern family planning method KP, HIV PREV, VC
14 Number of people provided with socioeconomic strengthening services VC, HIV PREV, KP
15 Number of people provided with referrals for services in the past three months HBC, PMTCT, HIV PREV, KP, VC
16 Number of people provided with completed referrals for services in the past three months HBC, PMTCT, HIV PREV, KP, VC
17 Number of people reached with individual or small group level community HIV-prevention interventions VC, HBC, PMTCT, KP, HIV PREV
18 Number of people testing positive for tuberculosis who adhere to treatment KP, PMTCT, HBC, VC
19 Number of people who accessed legal counsel, protection, or post-violence services VC, HIV PREV, KP
20 Number of people who received sexually transmitted infection screening and treatment KP, HIV PREV, VC
21 Number of people who report the use of a condom at last sex KP, HIV PREV
22 Number of people who were nutritionally assessed and received nutrition counseling and therapeutic or supplementary food VC, PMTCT, HBC, KP
23 Number of people who were tested for HIV and received their results VC, PMTCT, HBC, KP
24 Number of vulnerable children who are fully immunized VC
25 Number of vulnerable children living with HIV VC
26 Number of vulnerable children regularly attending school VC
27 Number of vulnerable children provided with educational support services HBC, KP, VC, HIV PREV
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