Regional Networks for HIS Strengthening

Countries around the world are working to achieve better health through the use of information produced by high-quality, sustainable health information systems (HIS).

Intercountry collaboration allows sharing of information and best practices and supports capacity development for HIS strengthening. The following networks are engaged in training a new generation of HIS practitioners through regional workshops, building capacity for new systems through the deployment of technology such as the DHIS 2, and introducing training curricula through university partnerships.   

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Name of Regional Network

Region(s) Served


Global Evaluation and Monitoring Network for Health (GEMNet-Health)

Member institutions are located in several countries throughout Asia, Africa, and North America.

GEMNet-Health fosters organizational growth and collaboration for monitoring and evaluation of health programs globally, beginning with a core of MEASURE Evaluation's current and former training partners. 

Routine Health Information Network(RHINO)

Global focus with regional networks in Latin America, West Africa, and Asia

RHINO engages individuals and organizations in routine health information system (RHIS) strengthening through regular forums, newsletters, and cataloging of resources.

Health Information Systems Program(HISP)

South Africa and additional partnerships in several African countries

HISP is a global, participatory network of people, entities, and organizations that support local management of healthcare delivery and information flows.

Latin American and Caribbean Network for Strengthening Health Information Systems(RELACSIS)

Latin America and the Caribbean

RELACSIS is dedicated to the strengthening of HIS through face-to-face collaboration as well as a virtual space for members to share resources, experiences, and best practices in HIS strengthening.

Pacific Health Information Network(PHIN)

Pacific Region

PHIN provides a mechanism for networking, support, information sharing and training for health information professionals in the region. 

Asia eHealth Information Network(AeHIN)

South and Southeast Asia

AeHIN promotes better use of information communication technology (ICT) to achieve better health through peer-to-peer assistance and knowledge sharing.

West Africa Routine Health Information Systems (RHIS) Network

West African countries

The West Africa RHIS network is an initiative established under the auspices of the West African Health Organization (WAHO) to support high-quality RHIS in member countries.

European Health Information Initiative(EHII)

European countries

EHII is a multimember network established by the World Health Organization’s Regional Office for Europe. EHII envisions an integrated, harmonized health information system for the entire European region, and aims to improve health by enhancing the information on which policy is based.

The African Alliance for Digital Health Networks (African Alliance)

African countries

The African Alliance provides a platform to cultivate human capacity for strong national digital health systems. Promoting country ownership of digital innovation through a learning hub, the alliance fosters the sustainability of investments made through Digital Square.

African Network for Digital Health (ANDH)

African countries

ANDH is a peer-assistance forum for leveraging technology to achieve better health outcomes. This network accelerates innovation to improve service delivery and health system management with quality and timely health information.

HealthE Africa Network


African countries

HealthE Africa is a peer-assistance networking initiative raising the visibility of digital health needs, experts, and projects on the continent. The initiative builds an understanding of digital health context, creates and strengthen networks, builds capacity, and develops tools and resources.

East African Integrated Disease Surveillance Network (EAIDSNet)

East African countries

EAIDSNet focuses on human and animal health in collaboration with national health research and academic institutions in East African countries. The project aims to establish a strong network to support early warning and control of impending epidemics.

Harmonization for Health in Africa (HHA)

African countries

HHA is a community of experts that communicate through an online forum and in-person meetings to share experiences, knowledge, and best practices with the goal of expanding regional capacity for improved health systems, including better health information.

Regional East African Community Health (REACH)

East African countries

REACH’s improves the use and application of knowledge to strengthen health policy and practice for improved health outcomes.  REACH bridges the gap between health research and policy and decision making.

Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society (HMISS)


HIMSS is a global, cause-based, not-for-profit organization focused on better health through information and technology. HIMSS leads efforts to optimize health engagements and care outcomes using information technology.

BID Learning Network (BLN)

African countries

BLN is focused on helping participating countries use better data to improve their healthcare systems at every level. Its goals are to bring countries together to identify shared problems and solutions, design common information system products, and apply them in countries.

Global Digital Health Network


The Global Digital Health Network provides leadership and information sharing on mHealth, eHealth, and information technology in an information gathering space for members to share perspectives, resources, and practical guidance. 

Healthcare Information for All


HIFA is a network of health professionals, researchers, policymakers supporting user-friendly access to relevant, reliable health information.  HIFA supports interactive forums focusing on a variety of health topics.

Health Information & Publications Network (HIPNet)


HIPNet is a mission-driven partnership addressing access to technical health information and innovative information technologies that strengthen healthcare programs, organizations, and services through and active listserv/community of practice and other means.



OpenHIE is a community of practice dedicated to improving the health of the underserved through support of country-driven health information sharing architectures and peer technical assistance communities.

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