Severe systemic infection / sepsis in the postnatal period

Percent of women seen in the facility with severe systemic infection or sepsis after delivery in the facility. 

Number of women seen in the facility with severe systemic infection or sepsis in the postnatal period, including readmissions after birth in facility.

Total number of women giving birth in the health facility.

Age, place of residence, socioeconomic status, type of facility.

Data for this indicators can be collected by delegated staff from available records or chart review.

Chart review

Patient records

Admission and discharge records

Puerperal sepsis is another important cause of maternal death and is often linked to the quality of care during labour and childbirth. As women who give birth in facilities are often discharged home before clinical signs of severe sepsis appear. This indicator includes readmissions for sepsis, in an effort to capture the occurrence of systemic infection in the postnatal period (i.e. the first 42 days after birth).

Safety of care, Process of Care, Obstetric care, Labor and delivery, Postpartum care, Postnatal care, Maternal health

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