MEASURE Evaluation Colleague to Head Population Association

The IUSSP has elected MEASURE Evaluation's Stacey Gage as its 2014-2017 president.

Stacey GageThe International Union for the Scientific Study of Population (IUSSP) has elected MEASURE Evaluation’s Anastasia (Stacey) Gage as its 2014-2017 president. Gage, whose term as president starts in January 2014, has served as the council’s vice president from 2009 through 2013.

Gage is MEASURE Evaluation’s principle investigator for Tulane University, where she is an associate professor in the School of Public Health and Tropical Medicine's  Department of Global Health Systems and Development. Her appointment as president followed the IUSSP’s 27th International Population Conference (IPC) held in Busan, South Korea in August 2013.

Some of her responsibilities as president will involve working with the IUSSP council and other officers to direct IUSSP’s affairs, addressing administrative matters, setting guidelines for the union’s scientific activities, establishing procedures for the preparation and issuance of IUSSP publications, and arranging scientific meetings and conferences. The IUSSP council consists of 10 elected individuals who serve alongside the president, vice-president, and secretary-general to oversee IUSSP’s general scientific program.

The IUSSP promotes the scientif study of population, encouraging sharing among global researchers, and increasing interest in population issues. Some endeavors it takes to achieve these goals include organizing seminars, workshops, training sessions, and the IPC which it holds every four years; publishing results from its scientific activities in diverse outlets aimed at reaching scientific players, policy makers, and the general public; and maintaining a Web site so its members can collaborate and population information is made available to the public.

As the IUSSP’s new president, Gage is proud to serve the professional association that gave her the first opportunity in 1987 to present at a scientific meeting, supporting her professional growth in the population field when she was a junior scholar. Gage is looking forward to strengthening the IUSSP’s collaboration with regional population associations in order to broaden the scope and depth of the scientific agenda, expanding training and distance-learning activities aimed at improving the research capacity of junior scholars, and working with the membership to devise effective and efficient ways to communicate research findings to policy makers and program managers.

At Tulane, Gage teaches two monitoring and evaluation (M&E) courses: one on M&E of maternal and child health programs in developing countries and the other on M&E for HIV/AIDS programs.

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