New Health Facility Registry Will Support Decision Making for Better Health in Nigeria

A new tool to track health facilities nationwide was just launched in Abuja, Nigeria.

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ABUJA, Nigeria―A new tool to track health facilities nationwide was just launched in Abuja. Nigeria’s new Health Facility Registry (HFR) provides a comprehensive list of health facilities and will integrate facility-level information from all states to help improve health services throughout Nigeria.

The Honorable Minister of Health of Nigeria, Prof. Isaac Adewole, officially launched the HFR on April 29, 2019. The HFR is a customized, open source, web-based application that allows users to access the Master Facility List (MFL), a list of all public and private healthcare facilities in Nigeria. An MFL is the keystone for integrating health information from different groups, programs, and monitoring systems. Data from the HFR can provide insights on where services are needed and how performance improvements can be made. An effective HFR will provide access to data for decision making and can help Nigeria strengthen healthcare services.

State and local government area (LGA) authorities will be trained to add newly opened facilities to the registry, update information and geo-coordinates for existing facilities, and close non-operational facilities in accordance with existing regulatory procedures.

The HFR was developed with technical assistance from MEASURE Evaluation, funded by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) and the United States President’s Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief (PEPFAR). At the launch event, Mr. Duke Ogbokor, who represented the USAID/Nigeria Mission, encouraged the Nigerian government to ensure continued capacity building on the use and maintenance of the registry for state and LGA authorities.

The new HFR will be of use to government officials who oversee facility management and the provision of healthcare services, authorities responsible for budgeting and allocation in the health sector, human resource managers, those overseeing supply chain management (the delivery of needed medicines or supplies to facilities), insurance companies, researchers assessing health system performance, and donors planning coverage for public health interventions. The HFR system is also available to the general public and requires Internet connectivity to be accessed.

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