What’s in your toolbox? Here’s how to assess health information, data quality, and routine data

These MEASURE Evaluation tools can help improve health information system (HIS) performance.

Tools developed to improve health information system (HIS) performance include the Data Quality Review toolkit, published in collaboration with the World Health Organization, the Performance of Routine Information Systems Management (PRISM) toolkit, and the Routine Health Information System (RHIS) Rapid Assessment Tool. These tools provide mechanisms to improve data quality, evaluate and strengthen performance, and identify gaps and weaknesses in RHIS. Combined, these tools have been downloaded more than 22,500 times and used in at least 10 countries. The HIS Stages of Continuous Improvement toolkit, developed in collaboration with the Health Data Collaborative, helps countries assess and prioritize investments in HIS. There have been more than 2,000 downloads of the toolkit and related resources since February 2019.

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