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MEASURE Evaluation has produced more than a thousand publications on topics such as monitoring and evaluation (M&E), strengthening health information systems, health informatics, training and distance learning, and on health program areas such as family planning, malaria, and HIV/AIDS. Use the search engine to find publications available as free downloads. Some publications are also available in hard copy form and may be ordered by following the instructions after the relevant citation.

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Estimating sizes of key populations at the national level: considerations for study design and analysis
Edwards, Jessie K; Hileman, Sarah; Donastorg, Yeycy; Zadrozny, Sabrina; Baral, Stefan; Hargreaves, James R; Fearon, Elizabeth; Zhao, Jinkou; Datta, Abhirup; Weir, Sharon S (2018)
Посилення контролю за туберкульозом в Україні: оцінка впливу стратегії інтеграції ТБ/ВІЛ-послуг на кінцеві результати лікування
Зульфія Чарієва, Сміша Агарвал, Крістен Бруг, Шан Куртіс, Стефані Маллен (2018)
Data Demand and Use Curriculum – Facilitator’s Guide
Measuring Venue-Based Risk: A Programmatic Mapping Study of Key Populations in Khomas Region, Namibia
Zahra Reynolds, Ndapewa Hamunime, Steven Y. Hong, Taimi Amaambo, Ntombizodwa Makurira, Risper Kojwang (2018)
Prevalence of Obstetric Fistula and Pelvic Organ Prolapse in Bangladesh: Summary of the 2016 National Estimates
MEASURE Evaluation (2018)
Evaluating the impact of social support services on tuberculosis treatment default in Ukraine
Martha Priedeman Skiles, Siân L. Curtis, Gustavo Angeles, Stephanie Mullen, Tatyana Senik (2018)
A Cost-Effective and Sustainable Approach for Strengthening the Capacity of Routine Health Information System Personnel in Mali
MEASURE Evaluation (2018)
Building a Web-Based Decision Support System
Michael P. Edwards, Theo Lippeveld, Upama Khatri, Derek Kunaka, Michael Mwebaze, and Romain Tohouri (2018)
The MEASURE Evaluation–Tanzania Small Grants Program: Building Capacity and Informing HIV/AIDS Programs
Bridgit Adamou (2018)
Training a Tech-Savvy Health Workforce
Sam Wambugu (2018)
Influences of gender norms and gender roles on HIV treatment engagement in Vietnam
M. Do, H. Le H., H. Ho T., H. Dinh T., T. Truong Q., T. Dang V., D. Nguyen D., K. Andrinopoulos (2018)
Political impunity and HIV vulnerability among Haitian female sex workers in the Dominican Republic
E. Felker Kantor, Y. Donatstorg, B. Gomez, K. Andrinopoulos (2018)
Changes in HIV and Non-HIV service delivery outcomes at the subnational level associated with PEPFAR funding shifts in Kenya and Uganda
E.G. Sutherland, C.B. Agala, K. Xiong, S. Watson-Grant (2018)
Framework and Toolkit to Strengthen Evaluation Capacity
Stephanie Watson-Grant and Lauren Hart (2018)
Results of Sample Vital Registration with Verbal Autopsy to Improve Malawi’s Health Programs
MEASURE Evaluation (2018)
How does integrating HIV and TB services affect health outcomes for HIV-TB coinfected patients in Ukraine? Results from an impact evaluation
S. Agarwal, S. Curtis, S. Mullen, M. Skiles, Z. Charyeva, K. Brugh, C. Suchindran, O. Zaliznyak, T. Senik, P. Brodish, S. Eagan (2018)
Use of HIV prevention services in the East Africa Cross-Border Integrated Health Study, 2016
A. Virkud, J. Edwards, M. Markiewicz, G. Mulholland, P. Arimi (2018)
Improving Care for People in Ukraine Who Have Tuberculosis and HIV: Findings from a Qualitative Analysis of Integrated Services
Z. Charyeva, S. Curtis, S. Mullen, R. Teal, O. Zaliznyak, T. Senik, S. Eagan (2018)
Strengthening Tuberculosis Control in Ukraine: Evaluation of the Impact of the TB-HIV Integration Strategy on Treatment Outcomes
Zulfiya Charyeva, Smisha Agarwal, Kristen Brugh, Siân L. Curtis, Stephanie Mullen (2018)
Obstetric ultrasound use in low and middle income countries: a narrative review
Eunsoo Timothy Kim, Kavita Singh, Allisyn Moran, Deborah Armbruster, and Naoko Kozuki (2018)
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