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MEASURE Evaluation has produced more than a thousand publications on topics such as monitoring and evaluation (M&E), strengthening health information systems, health informatics, training and distance learning, and on health program areas such as family planning, malaria, and HIV/AIDS. Use the search engine to find publications available as free downloads.

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Scale-Up Assessment for the Mphatlalatsane Project—“Early Morning Star”—in Lesotho
MEASURE Evaluation (2019)
Enabling and Expanding the Scope of Public Health Decision Making in Uganda to Reduce Maternal Mortality: Concept Note and Use Case
Kumar, M., Kim, T. E., Millar, E., Ongechi, K. S., & Weiss, W. (2019)
Digital data ethics in low- and middle-income countries: The road ahead
Sam Wambugu, James C. Thomas, Denise Johnson, Christina Villella (2019)
Impact Evaluation of the Mayer Hashi II Project in Bangladesh
Rahman, M., Curtis, S., E-Ijdi, R., Haider, M., Imam, A., Ahmed, A., Bloom, S. (2019)
Indicateurs basés sur les enquêtes auprès des ménages pour la lutte contre le paludisme
Monitoring Outcomes of PEPFAR Orphans and Vulnerable Children Programs in Kenya: Report on a Workshop to Disseminate 2016–2018 Findings
Sinai, I., Oduor, C., Akeyo, D., & Kadengye, D. (2019)
Assessing Scale-Up Potential for the Zimbabwe Expanded IMPACT Project
MEASURE Evaluation (2019)
Creating a Culture of Data Use in Tanzania: Assessing Health Providers’ Capacity to Analyze and Use Family Planning Data
Mackfallen G. Anasel, Idda L. Swai, Orest S. Masue (2019)
Renforcer et améliorer les systèmes d’information sanitaire Progrès en Côte d’Ivoire
MEASURE Evaluation (2019)
Strengthening and Improving Health Information Systems: Progress in Côte d’Ivoire
MEASURE Evaluation (2019)
Conjunto de herramientas del diagnóstico de la capacidad para monitoreo y evaluación: Guía de uso
MEASURE Evaluation PIMA (2019)
Descripción de la herramienta de evaluación de la capacidad de monitoreo y evaluación
MEASURE Evaluation (2019)
Quality of Tuberculosis Services Assessment in Nigeria: Report
Kolawole Oyediran (2019)
Quality of Tuberculosis Services Assessment in Nigeria: Tools
MEASURE Evaluation (2019)
Mali: A Statistical Yearbook, in Time
MEASURE Evaluation (2019)
From Fragile to Resilient Health Systems: A Journey to Self-Reliance
MEASURE Evaluation (2019)
L’alignement d’éléments de données pour des programmes VIH cohérents : Réussite en Côte d’Ivoire
MEASURE Evaluation (2019)
L’intégration des systèmes d’information en Côte d’Ivoire améliorera la performance du système sanitaire
MEASURE Evaluation (2019)
MEASURE Evaluation Phase IV HIV TA Extender Achievements
MEASURE Evaluation (2019)
Integrating Data Systems in Côte d’Ivoire Will Improve Health System Performance
MEASURE Evaluation (2019)
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