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MEASURE Evaluation has produced more than a thousand publications on topics such as monitoring and evaluation (M&E), strengthening health information systems, health informatics, training and distance learning, and on health program areas such as family planning, malaria, and HIV/AIDS. Use the search engine to find publications available as free downloads. Some publications are also available in hard copy form and may be ordered by following the instructions after the relevant citation.

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Household Microbial Water Quality Testing in a Peruvian Demographic and Health Survey: Evaluation of the Compartment Bag Test for Escherichia coli
Wang A, McMahan L, Rutstein S, Stauber C, Reyes J, Sobsey MD (2017)
Barriers to and Facilitators of Sex- and Age-Disaggregated Data – Kenya
MEASURE Evaluation (2017)
Applying User-Centered Design to Data Use Challenges: What We Learned
MEASURE Evaluation
Equity Trends in Ownership of Insecticide-Treated Nets in 19 sub-Saharan African Countries
Taylor, C, Florey, L, and Ye, Y (2017)
Evaluation de la Campagne nationale de 2016 pour la promotion de la planification familiale au Mali
MEASURE Evaluation (2017)
Assessment of Mali’s 2016 National Campaign for the Promotion of Family Planning
MEASURE Evaluation (2017)
The Importance of Gender in Tuberculosis Data
MEASURE Evaluation (2017)
The Importance of Gender in Data on Orphans and Vulnerable Children
MEASURE Evaluation (2017)
The Importance of Gender in HIV and AIDS Data
MEASURE Evaluation (2017)
The Importance of Gender in Family Planning and Reproductive Health Data
MEASURE Evaluation (2017)
The Importance of Gender in Emerging Infectious Diseases Data
MEASURE Evaluation (2017)
GEMNet-Health Planning Meeting February 23–25, 2017, Cuernavaca, Mexico
Kulatilaka H, Hart L, and Keck H (2017)
Data Use in the Democratic Republic of the Congo’s Malaria Program: National and Provincial Results
Brodsky I and Nyanzi I (2017)
Information Products to Drive Decision Making: How to Promote the Use of Routine Data Throughout a Health System
Geers E, Nghui P, Ekirapa A, Rop V, Mbuyita S, Patrick J, and Kusekwa S (2017)
Health Information System Performance Monitoring Tool – A Source of Evidence to Help National Authorities Prioritize HIS-Strengthening Interventions
MEASURE Evaluation
Building Capacity in Information Management for HIV and AIDS Programs – A Compendium of Tools
Ellis A, McKeown S (2017)
Frequently Asked Questions about Geographic Information Systems – Tidy Data: The Key to Success with Spatial Data – Tips on Data Structure
MEASURE Evaluation (2017)
Frequently Asked Questions about Geographic Information Systems – Using Spatial Data Wisely and Ethically: Privacy and Confidentiality
MEASURE Evaluation (2017)
How MEASURE Evaluation Contributes to the Health Data Collaborative
MEASURE Evaluation (2017)
Guidelines on Best Practices for Adolescent- and Youth-Friendly HIV Services – An Examination of 13 Projects in PEPFAR-Supported Countries
Gage A, Do M, and Grant D (2017)
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