Child Status Index

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Author(s): MEASURE Evaluation

Year: 2008, revised 2014

Child Status Index Abstract:

The Child Status Index (CSI) provides a framework for identifying the needs of children, creating individualized goal-directed service plans for use in monitoring the well-being of children and households, and program-level monitoring and planning at the local level.

As of 2013, the CSI has been used in 17 countries in sub-Saharan Africa, Asia, and Latin America. It has been translated for use in a variety of geographical, linguistic, and cultural contexts.

The last several years of CSI implementation have enabled MEASURE Evaluation and others to learn about how the CSI fits into the overall package of information gathering tools and when, and in which circumstances, the tool is best used. A document providing clarification on usage of the CSI was developed which describes its primary use as a case management tool and lessons learned about best usage.

The full collection of CSI resources is also available at

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