Fact Sheet: Edad temprana de la primera relación sexual en hombres y mujeres de 18–34 años y factores asociados

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Year: 2014


This fact sheet was developed by teams of Panamanian public health professionals who participated long-term capacity building process to promote secondary analysis of the National Sexual and Reproductive Health Survey-2009 (Encuesta Nacional de Salud Sexual y Reproductiva --- ENASSER 2009).  Through in-person and long-distance technical assistance provided by MEASURE Evaluation, teams of participants (1) defined a research question that is based on existing literature, (2) drafted a basic analysis proposal, including dummy tables, (3) received a Stata training and software and conducted a basic bivariate analysis of the ENASSER, (4) presented and interpreted the results in a research brief, and (5) disseminated the findings to national authorities.