A Trainers Guide to the Fundamentals of M&E for Population, Health and Nutrition Programs

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Year: 2002


This HTML document is a training manual intended to help trainers teach program managers, staff, and other decision-makers the fundamental elements and techniques of monitoring and evaluation with a focus on population and health programs. The manual is divided into three modules: an introduction to M&E, developing plans for M&E frameworks; and developing plans for M&E indicators and data systems. Each module consists of a set of slides accompanied by discussions and activities that cover basic theoretical and practical approaches to M&E in terms suitable for a variety of population and health interventions. Group exercises are an important part of the training modules and provide participants with hands-on experience in M&E planning, design, and decision-making. The aim of these modules is to provide a comprehensive curriculum for training others in improving the design and implementation of their own M&E activities.

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