Fundamentals of Implementation Research [EPUB edition]

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Author(s): MEASURE Evaluation Implementation Research Technical Working Group

Year: 2012 (rev. 2015)

Fundamentals of Implementation Research [EPUB edition] Abstract:

This module, Fundamentals of Implementation Research, is an introduction to the language, concepts, tools, and strategies used in implementation research (IR). The information is intended to be practical and useful for researchers and program implementers as an orientation to IR.

After successfully completing this course, learners will be able to understand key implementation research (IR) terminology, identify IR core concepts, research frameworks, program components, and appropriate IR questions. Specific objectives include:

  • Identify characteristics of IR
  • Describe implementation/scale-up and relate implementation research to these processes
  • Classify research questions and associated research that falls under the umbrella of IR
  • Summarize framework characteristics and identify strategies for applying them to IR
  • Recognize how IR is applied to different implementation problems
  • Classify IR priorities for grant applications
  • List the roles of various stakeholders in IR and identify appropriate means for integrating stakeholders in the planning of IR and in communicating and disseminating results

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