Effects of Programs Supporting Orphans and Vulnerable Children: Key Findings, Emerging Issues, and Future Directions from Evaluations of Four Projects in Kenya and Tanzania

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Author(s): Nyangara F, Thurman TR, Hutchinson P, Obiero W

Year: 2009


This report provides a summary of key findings from evaluations of four programs, two in Kenya and two in Tanzania, supporting orphans and other vulnerable children (OVC). The aim of these evaluations was to ascertain the extent to which program interventions are effective in improving the well-being of OVC and their families, and the interventions' cost-effectiveness in achieving key outcomes. This report focuses on the overarching outcomes, emerging issues, and lessons learned from these evaluation studies of OVC programs. Reflections as to the implications of the findings are offered to provide guidance to OVC service providers, donors, and policy-makers to make informed decisions that ultimately improve the well-being of children and their families. The evaluations focused on specific intervention components, including home visits by trained volunteers, kids' clubs, support group and income-generating activities for guardians, community HIV education and OVC sensitization activities, and the provision of material support, such as school supplies, food, and health services.

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