Uganda Vulnerability Index Assessment Results

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Year: 2014

Uganda Vulnerability Index Assessment Results Abstract:

In 2011-2012, Uganda’s Ministry of Gender, Labour, and Social Development approved use of the  Vulnerability Index (VI), a tool to identify vulnerable households and the extent of their vulnerability. Five U.S government-funded implementing partners started using the VI in 2012-2013. USAID/Uganda asked MEASURE Evaluation to conduct an assessment of the VI tool’s usefulness, feasibility, and data quality. This assessment concluded that while the VI provides a comprehensive, standardized tool for OVC programs, the tool may not identify the most critically vulnerable children. While one possible remedy would be to adjust the criteria used to capture children who fall in the “critically vulnerable” category, secondary data analysis illustrates that the tool design (e.g., number of questions per CPA, scoring rubric) should be reviewed more broadly.

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