PLACE in Russia:Identifying Gaps in HIV Prevention in Saratov-Engels, 2005

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Author(s): Lovtsova N

Year: 2006

A steering committee comprised of representatives from Saratov Centre for Social Policyand Gender Studies, nongovernmental organization (NGO) Socium (Engels), NGO Megapolys (Saratov), NGO Healthy Future(Saratov), NGO Man (Saratov), and the Saratov Hot Line Centre “Tolerance” decided to implement PLACE in 10 strategically chosen areas located in the cities of Saratov and Engels. These areas were selected based on estimated high level of HIV/AIDS infection, a lack of capacity of the local authority to prevent further spread, and contextual factors in the areas that suggested that the incidence of HIV infection is likely to be highest in these areas. The results of PLACE will be used as the basis for local HIV/AIDS strategic plans and to guide prevention programming decisions. A Russian-language version of this report, МЕСТО в России: Выявление Пробелов в Профи, is also available.

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