Data Quality Tools

Methods for assessing M&E plans and systems that collect and report data for program management and reporting.

MEASURE Evaluation develops and shares cutting-edge, practical methods and tools for assessing M&E plans and health information systems that collect and report data for evidence-based program management and reporting.

Data Quality Review
Data Quality Review Toolkit
This toolkit—the result of collaboration between the World Health Organization; the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria; Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance; and MEASURE Evaluation—includes guidelines and tools that lay the basis for a standardized and holistic approach to data quality that promotes institutionalization of routine data quality assessment in countries. 

Data Quality Assurance: DQA & RDQA Tools
The MEASURE Evaluation data quality assurance suite of tools and methods include both data quality auditing (DQA) tools designed for use by external audit teams and routine data quality assessment (RDQA) tools designed for capacity building and self-assessment.

Data Quality Audit Tool (DQA): Guidelines for Implementation also available in French and Spanish

Data Quality Audit (DQA): Excel Templates

Routine Data Quality Assessment (RDQA) Tool: User Manual

Multi-Indicator Routine Data Quality Assessment Tool (M-RDQA): Excel Workbook also available in FrenchPortuguese and Spanish

Routine Data Quality Assessment (RDQA) Curriculum Materials

Single-Indicator Routine Data Quality Assessment Tool (RDQA): Guidelines also available in FrenchPortuguese, and Spanish

Single-Indicator Routine Data Quality Assessment Tool (RDQA): Excel Workbook also available in FrenchPortuguese and Spanish

Fact Sheet: Data Quality Assurance

Gender-Integrated Routine Data Quality Assessment (RDQA+G) Tool
This self-assessment tool enables evaluation of data quality with a special focus on gender.

RHIS Performance
PRISM: Performance of Routine Information System Management
This series of PRISM tools and supporting materials, updated in 2018, is intended for global use in assessing the reliability and timeliness of a routine health information system (RHIS), in making evidence-based decisions, and in identifying gaps in an RHIS so they can be addressed and the system can be improved.

Geospatial Data
Spatial Quality and Anomalies Diagnosis (SQUAD) Tool
This tool can rapidly identify the presence of certain anomalies, which can then be investigated further to determine if there is a data quality issue.

M&E Systems Strengthening Tool
Monitoring and Evaluation Systems Strengthening Tool (also available in French)
This toolkit includes three checklists that program managers can use to assess M&E plans, take stock of the capabilities of management units to manage data, and assess data-collection and reporting systems. Access the related M&E Systems Strengthening Tool Templates (also available in French).

Human Capacity
Monitoring and Evaluation Capacity Assessment Toolkit
This resource includes a process and toolkit to conduct a standard baseline assessment of M&E capacity.

Introduction to Basic Data Analysis and Interpretation for Health Programs
This training tool kit aims to increase the skills of M&E officers and health program staff to conduct basic data analysis and interpretation for health programs. 

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A Menu of Tools for Data Quality Assessment and Review

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