M&E of Population, Health and Nutrition Programs

This module contains the course content, handouts and other training materials from a complete training workshop on monitoring and evaluation of population, health and nutrition programs that was implemented by MEASURE Evaluation and our regional training partners at Addis Ababa University in August 2006. This course is offered annually in collaboration with the Ethiopian Public Health Association, the Addis Ababa University (AAU) School of Public Health (SPH), and the Insititute of Population Studies Institute (IPS). It is an international course that offers intensive training on fundamental concepts and tools for monitoring and evaluating population, health and nutrition programs.  If you are interested in attending this workshop, more information is available here.

Throughout the workshop, participants gain hands-on experience in designing M&E plans through course modules, in-class exercises, and working in small groups. Participants also work together to complete a group project throughout the course of the workshop. The participant groups present the results of their projects during the final day of the workshop.  At the mid-point of the workshop, participants participate in a one-day fieldwork experience in a local Ethiopian village. This field trip involves visiting local health facilities and/or NGOs implementing health programs.  The materials provided below include PowerPoint slides with speaker notes; course handouts, case studies, and group activities.

This course was developed in collaboration with faculty from the School of Public Health and Institute of Population Studies at Addis Ababa University. These materials were created by MEASURE Evaluation staff, particularly Anastasia Gage, PhD, and Sian Curtis, PhD, who shaped and tailored the course modules in collaboration with our partners from Addis Ababa University. We also would like to thank other contributors for their help and guidance, both within MEASURE Evaluation and outside experts, too numerous to mention here.


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Week 1

Workshop Overview

  1. Decision Making and Strategic Information
  2. Introduction to Group Work and M&E Plan
  3. Frameworks
  4. Indicators
    1. Outline
    2. Handout: General 
    3. Activity
    4. Handout: Results Framework for USAID 
  5. Information Sources and Systems
    1. Outline
    2. Case Study: Information Sources for M&E
    3. Case Study: Identification of Data Sources
  6. Evaluation Designs (including Impact Evaluation)


Week 2

  1. Developing & Implementing a Monitoring and Evaluation Plan
  2. Calculating, Interpreting and Utilizing Indicators
    1. Case Study: Immunization Coverage from Facility Data
    2. Activity: Estimating Immunization Coverage
    3. Case Study: Estimating Vitamin A Coverage
  3. Child Health
    1. Case Study: Improving Family and Community Practices
    2. Activity: Mortality
    3. Handout: Newborn Health
    4. Activity: Disease Surveillance
  4. Nutrition
    1. Case Study: Madagascar Nutrition
    2. Handout: Kenya
  5. Maternal Health
    1. Example: The Road to Maternal Death


Week 3 

  1. Reproductive Health/ Family Planning
    1. Exercise: Family Planning Programs
  2. Malaria
  3. Tuberculosis
    1. Activity: HIV Prevention
  5. Facilitating Use of SI by Policy Makers and Program Developers
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