Monitoring and Evaluation for National Tuberculosis Programs Regional Workshop, India

This 3-day regional workshop was held in New Delhi in January 2006 by MEASURE Evaluation in collaboration with the Royal Dutch Tropical Institute and the Revised National Tuberculosis Program of India. The agenda and materials were developed by Dr. Charlotte Colvin in consultation with MEASURE Evaluation staff, Dr Kate MacIntyre, Dr. Latha Rajan and Dr. Stephanie Mullen, and Dr. Lucie Blok of the Royal Dutch Tropic Institute.


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Workshop Agenda

Day 1

  1. Welcome and Introduction to the Workshop
    1. Learning Objectives
  2. Introduction to Monitoring and Evaluation for National TB Programs
    1. NTP Monitoring Checklist
  3. Monitoring and Evaluation: A Review of Terms
  4. Monitoring and Evaluation Frameworks
    1. Case study: Developing a Logical Framework
      1. Handout: Developing a Logical Framework
  5. Introduction to the Compendium of Indicators for Monitoring and Evaluating National Tuberculosis Programs
    1. Case study: Selecting Indicators
      1. Handout: Selecting Indicators

Day 2

  1. Data Sources and Data Quality for TB M&E
  2. Data Management and HMIS
    1. Group Work: HMIS and data quality

Day 3

  1. Overview of NTP in Thailand
  2. M&E for a Plan: Indonesia
    1. Part I
    2. Part II
  3. Facility Visit
    1. Handout: Facility Level Data Collection 
    2. Discussion and Reflection

Day 4

  1. Monitoring and Evaluation for TB Programs: Developing a Monitoring and Evaluation Plan 
    1. Case Study: Developing a Comprehensive Plan 
    2. Checklist for Comprehensive M&E System
  2. Engagement Strategies for Monitoring and Evaluation


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