Below is a list of resources to expand on what you've learned in this course. Some of the papers/reports listed below are MEASURE Evaluation publications in PDF format. Such publications are linked below. You will need the acrobat reader from Adobe to view them.

1. PLACE Reports

1(2004) "PLACE in Russia: Identifying Gaps in HIV Prevention in St. Petersburg, 2002" [tr-04-21-en]

2(2004) "PLACE in South Africa: Monitoring AIDS Prevention in a Township in Cape Town, 1999-2002" [tr-04-24-en]

3 (2004) "PLACE in Central Asia: A Regional Strategy to Focus AIDS Prevention in Almaty and Karaganda, Kazakhstan; Osh, Kyrgyzstan; Tashkent, Uzbekistan 2002" [tr-04-25-en]

4(2004) "PLACE in Jamaica: Monitoring AIDS Prevention at the Parish Level, St. James, 2003" [tr-04-23-en]

5Pakade M**, Mahlalela X, Ngcaba A, Vos A, Jijana M, Weir S, Rommelmann V, Herman C, Smulders H, Cromhout P, Magadla V. (2004) "PLACE in South Africa: Evaluation of a Successful Community-Based AIDS Prevention Program, East London, 2000-2003" [tr-04-22-en]

6Bassett-Hileman S, Bronfman M, Sanchez C M, Belen M N, Mondragon R O, Neria C R, Guadarrama G V, Weir S. (2004) PLACE in Mexico Focusing AIDS Prevention in Border Towns 2001 [tr-04-26-en]

7(2003) PLACE in Burkina Faso: Combating AIDS at the District Level [tr-03-18-en]

8(2003) "PLACE in Uganda: Monitoring AIDS-Prevention Programs in Kampala, Uganda Using the PLACE Method" [tr-03-20-en]

9(2002) "PLACE: Priorities for Local AIDS Control Efforts: A Pilot Study of the PLACE Method in a Township in Cape Town, South Africa." [tr-02-10-en]

2. PLACE Journal Articles

10Weir S, JE Tate, B Zhusupov, JT Boerma. (2004) Where the action is: monitoring local trends in sexual behaviour Sex Transm Infect 2004;80(Suppl II):ii63-ii68

11Weir SS, Roddy RE, Zekeng L, Ryan KA, Wong EL. Measuring condom use: asking do you or dont you isnt enough.AIDS Educ and Prev 1998;10:293-302.

12Weir SS, Pailman C, Mahalela X, Coetzee N, Meidany F, Boerma JT. From people to places: focusing AIDS prevention efforts where it matters most. AIDS 2003; 17:895-903.

13Weir, S. S., C. Morroni, N. Coetzee, J. Spencer, J. T. Boerma. A pilot study of a rapid assessment method to identify places for AIDS prevention in Cape Town,South Africa. Sex Trans Infections 2002; 78(Suppl I):i106-i113.

14Lamptey P and Weir S. Targeted AIDS intervention programs in Africa. In AIDS Prevention through Education: A World View, Oxford University Press, 1992. Edited by Jaime Sepulveda, Jonathan Mann and Harvey Fineberg.

15Lamptey PR, Kamenga MC, Weir SS. Prevention of sexual transmission of HIV in sub-Saharan Africa: lessons learned. AIDS 1997; 11 (Suppl B) : S63-77

16Ryan KA, Roddy RE, Zekeng L, Weir SS. Characteristics associated with prevalent HIV infection among a cohort of sex workers in Cameroon. Sexually Tranmsitted Infections 1998;74:131-135.

3. PLACE Working Papers

17 Zhussupov B, Alimbekova G, Tate J E, Bassett-Hileman S, Weir S S. (2004) "Report of PLACE Assessments in Almaty, Kazakhstan, Central Asia 2002 and 2003" [wp-04-79-en]

18Zhussupov B, Alimbekova G, Tate J E, Bassett-Hileman S, Weir S S. (2004) "Report of PLACE Assessments in Karaganda, Kazakhstan, Central Asia, 2002 and 2003" [wp-04-80-en]

19Elibezova E, Tate J E, Bassett-Hileman S, Weir S S. (2004) "Report of PLACE Assessments in Osh, Kyrgyzstan, Central Asia 2002 and 2003" [wp-04-81-en]

20Abdullaev S, Tate J E, Bassett-Hileman S, Weir S S. (2004) "Report of PLACE Assessments in Tashkent, Uzbekistan, Central Asia, 2002 and 2003" [wp-04-82-en]

21Pailman C, Weir S S, Herman C K. (2004) "PLACE in South Africa: Monitoring AIDS Prevention in Two Townships in Port Elizabeth, 2001-2003" [wp-04-84-en]

4. PLACE Presentations

International AIDS Meeting,Thailand 2004

Atibu, J, Kashamuka M, McClamroch K, Weir S, Lepira F. A Prevention Strategy to Reduce HIV Transmission in Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of Congo

Tate JE, Zhusupov B, Weir SS. Estimating the Size of Risk Populations in Three Central Asian Cities

Khan M, Brown L, N Nagot, Weir SS. The effect of recent migration on new sexual partnership among women interviewed at sites known for sexual meeting in Burkina Faso

International Sexually Transmitted Disease Meeting, Ottawa 2003

Patnaik P, Weir SS, Das B, Miller WC, Boerma JT. Priorities for Local AIDS Control Efforts (PLACE) Method Identifies New Locations That Warrant Increased AIDS Prevention in Bhubaneswar, India

Dyatlov R, Kozlov A, Sokolov N, Khmyrov A, Ryder R, Tate J, Weir SS. Overlap between sexual and injecting drug networks in St Petersburg, Russia.

Weir SS, Estimating the size and overlap of populations with high rates of new sexual partnership formation and injecting drug use. Sharon Weir, Baurzhan Zhusupov, Gulzhan Alimbekova , Sarah Bassett Hileman, Jackie Tate

International AIDS Meeting in Barcelona 2002

S Salouka, N Nagot, M Khan, L Brown, S Ganou, J Bidiga, S Weir. Rapid assessment methods for prioritizing HIV prevention interventions at the district level: the Burkina Faso experience. Abstract number: TuPpD2061.

R Dlakulu, J N Baumgartner, N Coetzee, S S Weir. Feasibility of a bar-based approach to AIDS prevention in a South African township. Abstract number: TuPeF5510.

F Sengooba, J Ssekamatte, J E Tate, S S Weir. Where are the gaps in Kampala's AIDS prevention program? Abstract number: TuPeE5211.

P Patnaik, S S Weir, B Das, W C Miller, J T Boerma. Assessment of the priorities for Local AIDS control efforts (PLACE) method for facilitation of AIDS prevention in India Abstract number: TuPeD5037.

S S Weir, J T Boerma. Monitoring places not people: A new surveillance approach. Abstract number: TuPeC4900.

M Negroni, S Bassett Hileman, G Vargas, C Martinez, S Weir, M Bronfman. Reaching mobile populations for AIDS prevention in southern Mexican border towns.Abstract number: TuPeE5209.

M Khan, N Nagot, S Salouka, S Ganou, J Bidiga, S Weir, L Brown. Sex in the city, sex in the country: Urban-rural differences in sexual networking in Burkina Faso. Abstract number: ThPeG8365.

S S Weir, N Coetzee, X Mahlalela, N Nagot, F Sssengooba, S Nnko, J T Boerma. Where do people meet new sexual partners in urban Africa?Abstract number: ThPeC7455.

S Bassett Hileman, M Negroni, G Vargas, C Martinez, R Ortiz, M Bronfman, S Weir.Extensive mixing among mobile populations at southern Mexican border towns. Abstract number: ThPeD7698.

Other Oral and Poster Presentations with Peer Reviewed Abstracts

Weir S, Pailman C, Pakade M, Coetzee N, Meidany F, Wilson D, Boerma JT. Application of the High Transmission Area Method for HIV/AIDS Prevention in Three Townships in South Africa (Abs#W115) 14th ISSTDR Meeting, June 24-27, 2001, Berlin, Germany.

Padnaik P, Weir S, Das B, Miller WC, Boerma JT. Assessment of the High Transmission Area Method for HIV/STD Prevention in India. ) 14th ISSTDR Meeting, June 24-27, 2001, Berlin, Germany.

Weir S, Morroni C, Coetzee N, Matthews C, Boerma JT, Myer L, Dlakulu R. Planning and evaluating prevention programs where it matters most: a rapid method to identify high transmission areas. Abstract ThPeC5396. XII Int AIDS Conf, South Africa, 10-14 July, 2000.

Morroni C, Weir S, Coetzee N, Myer L, Boerma JT, Myer L, Dlakulu R. Use of key informants to identify places where people meet new sexual partners. Abstract MoOrD197. XII Int AIDS Conf, Durban, South Africa, 10-14 July, 2000.

Weir SS, Roddy RE, Zekeng L, Rountree W, Ryan KA, Wong E. Comparison of two analytic approaches to identify characteristics associated with HIV acquisition in a Cohort of female sex workers. International Society of for Sexually Transmitted Disease Research, 11-14 July, 1999.

Weir S; Roddy RE; Zekeng L; Ryan KA; Wong E. Factors associated with prevalent versus incident HIV infection among sex workers in Cameroon. Int Conf AIDS. 1998;12:1068 (abstract no. 60373).

5. Relevant Conceptual Models and Epidemiologic Publications

Boerma JT, Weir SS. Integrating demographic and epidemiologic approaches to research on HIV/AIDS: the proximate determinants framework, In Press, Jour Inf Dis.

Cleland J, JT Boerma, M Carael, SS Weir. (2004) Monitoring sexual behaviour in general populations: a synthesis of lessons of the past decade Sex Transm Infect 2004;80(Suppl II):ii1-ii7

Anderson RM, May RM. Epidemiological parameters of HIV transmission. Nature 1988;333:514 519.

Anderson RM, May RM, Boily MC, Garnett GP, Rowley JT. The spread of HIV/AIDS1 in Africa: sexual contact patterns and the predicted demographic impact of AIDS. Nature. 1991;352(6336):581-9.

Anderson RM. The transmission of dynamics of sexually transmitted diseases: The behavioral components. In Wasserheit JN, Aral SO, Holmes KK (eds). Research Issues in Human Behavior and Sexually Transmitted Diseases in the AIDS era. Washington, D.C.: American Society for Microbiology, 1991:38-60.

Anderson RM, May RM. Epidemiological parameters of HIV transission. Nature 1988;333:514-519.

Anderson RM, Gupta S, Ng W. The significance of sexual partner contact networks for the transmission dynamics of HIV. J Acquired Immune Defic Syndr 1990;3:417-429.

Anderson RM and May RM. Infectious Diseases of Human Dynamics and Control. New York, NY: Oxford University Press, 1991.

Anderson RM, Ng W, Boily MC, May RM. The influence of different sexual contact patterns between age classes on the predicted demographic impact of AIDS in developing countries. NY Acad Med Sci 1990;569:240-274.

Aral SO, Holmes KK, Padian NS, Cates W Jr. Overview: individual and population approaches to the epidemiology and prevention of sexually transmitted diseases and human immunodeficiency virus infection. Sex Transm Dis 1996;154(Suppl 2):S127-S133.

Wasserheit JN, Aral SO. The dynamic topology of sexually transmitted disease epidemics: implications for prevention strategies. J Infect Dis 1996 Oct;174 Suppl 2:S201-13

6. Links


1-GIS Assists Public Health Campaign in Thailand

Using GIS to spatially portray the prevalence of HIV/AIDS and Tuberculosis and its demographic consequences in selected countries in sub-Saharan Africa
From GIS

Geographical Information Systems (GIS): News - New and proposed GIS data sets
South African GIS Data

North Africa GeoNet - GIS / Satellite images
North African GIS Data

Geographic information system - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
GIS History and overview

Basic map display program -- requires use of ESRI formatted data

Monitoring and Evaluation

Multi-Agency Monitoring and Evaluation Toolkit August 2004

HIV Surveillance Data

HIV/AIDS Surveillance Data Base CD (from US Census Bureau)
Website with Epidemiological Fact Sheets for all countries.

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