Hospital admission rates

Number (and mean) of hospital admissions per person per year.

Number of hospital admissions per year.

Total population (of the same geographical area).

Age, place of residence, sex.

Requires complete and reliable recording and reporting of the number of hospital admissions visits by public and private facilities. Recall in population surveys can also be used.

Facility reports

Facility assessment

Record review

Routine facility information systems

Population-based health surveys

This indicator can be used to inform on inpatient care and utilizationHospital records are the basis for statistics on performance related to inpatient activities, including the numbers of beds, admissions, discharges, deaths and the duration of stay. Two related indicators are (1) Average length of stay: an indicator of quality and efficiency of health services; and (2) Bed occupancy rate: an indicator of efficiency of services.

As with other routine facility reporting, problems arise from incomplete and late reporting as well as from biases resulting from differences in population use of services. Hospital admission rates have the potential to vary considerably, with country practices and changes in admission or intervention policies. Very low rates tend to indicate that services are not available, but otherwise the statistics are difficult to interpret.

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