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MEASURE Evaluation PIMA fact sheets

Family Planning Programming
To reduce the burden of unwanted pregnancies and the risk of maternal deaths of teenage mothers from unsafe abortions, more effort is required to address the high unmet need for contraceptives among youth and adolescents. For county-specific information see Murang’a County Family Planning – January to June 2016Migori County Family Planning – January to June 2016, and Kilifi County Family Planning – January to June 2016

Supporting the Rollout of Longitudinal Management Information Systems for Programs Serving Orphans and Vulnerable Children
MEASURE Evaluation PIMA supports the rollout of an electronic OVC longitudinal management information system (OLMIS). OLMIS helps USG-funded OVC programs to capture, report on, and track accurate data and, subsequently, to use the data for decision making.

Strengthening M&E Capacity of the County Health Management Teams at the Sub-national Level
Work at the subnational level is spearheaded by regional M&E associates who are co-located with the department of health in the target counties in order to improve presence and deliver technical assistance to the CHMT on a continual basis.

Strengthening Referral Systems M&E
Referral systems strengthening is dedicated to strengthening the health referral system in Kenya to ensure continuity and cost-effectiveness of care.

About MEASURE Evaluation PIMA
MEASURE Evaluation PIMA is a project funded by the United States Agency for International Development, that seeks to strengthen the capacity of Kenya’s Ministry of Health and its counterparts in identifying and using quality data for everyday decision-making.

Strengthening Organizational Development Systems to Support M&E Capacity Development
MEASURE Evaluation PIMA strengthens organizational systems and structures for an effective M&E system by mobilizing stakeholder demand and support for evidence based planning and decision-making.

Strengthening Malaria M&E Systems
Through trainings and workshops on M&E fundamentals, malaria surveillance, data analysis and data management, MEASURE Evaluation PIMA passes on practical knowledge that improves quality and understanding of data for decision-making.

Strengthening Data Demand and Use M&E Systems
Stakeholders are demanding access to user-friendly data that can be used in the decision-making process. Providing these data links evidence to decision-making, and increases the development of efficient health systems that can respond to the needs of the public.

Strengthening Civil Registration and Vital Statistics M&E Systems
The purpose of this system is to collect, manage, and facilitate the use of data to monitor births and deaths in Kenya. These data are imperative for national-level allocation of resources, along with planning and the targeting of health interventions.

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