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MEASURE Evaluation has produced more than a thousand publications on topics such as monitoring and evaluation (M&E), strengthening health information systems, health informatics, training and distance learning, and on health program areas such as family planning, malaria, and HIV/AIDS. Use the search engine to find publications available as free downloads.

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Counseling on injectable contraception and HIV risk: Evaluation of a pilot intervention in Tanzania
Janine Barden-O’Fallon, Jennifer Mason, Emmanuel Tluway, Gideon Kwesigabo, Egidius Kamanyi (2020)
East African Community Regional Digital Health and Interoperability Assessments: Kenya
MEASURE Evaluation (2019)
Comparison of Cause-of-Death Classification Methods for Verbal Autopsies in Mozambique: 2017 Inquérito Sobre Causas de Mortalidade (INCAM)-2 Pilot
MEASURE Evaluation (2020)
Tool to Assess the Quality of Data on the Number of People on Antiretroviral Therapy: User Guide
MEASURE Evaluation (2020)
Performance of Routine Information System Management (PRISM): Analysis Tool to Analyze Data from a PRISM Assessment
MEASURE Evaluation (2020)
Data Quality Assessment for Number Currently on Antiretroviral Therapy: Toolkit
MEASURE Evaluation (2020)
e-Learning Curriculum on Routine Health Information Systems: Guide for Facilitators
Dufour, W., Kunaka, D., & Frankel, N. (2020)
Implementation of the UgandaEMR: Results of a Security Assessment
MEASURE Evaluation (2020)
Child Protection Case Management Information Systems: Promoting Appropriate Care for Children: A Framework for Engagement
Molly Cannon, Stuardo Herrera, Patricia Mechael (2020)
Health Information System Stages of Continuous Improvement Toolkit: Digital Assessment Tool Add-On Module
Reproductive Health Cost Reporting System: Results of a Pilot Test in Nigeria
Scott Moreland and Obialunamma Onoh (2020)
Effective Access to Long-Acting Reversible Contraceptives and Permanent Methods in Bangladesh
M. Moinuddin Haider, Sharad Barkataki, Ali Ahmed, Quamrun Nahar, Mizanur Rahman (2019)
Discontinuation of Contraceptive Intrauterine Devices and Implants in Bangladesh
MEASURE Evaluation, International Centre for Diarrhoeal Disease Research, Bangladesh (icddr,b) (2020)
Gaps in Global Monitoring and Evaluation of Adolescent and Youth Reproductive Health: Research Brief
MEASURE Evaluation (2020)
The Sustainability of the Electronic Management Information System of Bangladesh’s Directorate General of Family Planning
Kabir, M.H. (2020)
Surveillance, Suivi, et Evaluation des Programmes de Lutte contre le Paludisme : Cours en Ligne
MEASURE Evaluation (2020)
Étude prospective sur le renforcement des systèmes d’information sanitaire (SIS) à Madagascar: Intégration des systèmes d’information sanitaire de routine et de surveillance épidémiologique axés sur la lutte contre le paludisme
MEASURE Evaluation (2020)
Prospective Study of Health Information Systems (HIS) Strengthening in Madagascar: Integration of Routine Health Information Systems and Epidemiologic Surveillance with a Focus on Malaria
MEASURE Evaluation (2020)
Assessment of the MaMoni Health Systems Strengthening Project, in Bangladesh
Barkataki, S., Billah, M., Chakraborty, N., Haider, M. M., Imam, M. A., Khan, S., Priyanka, S. S., Rahman, M, Rahman, M, & Al-Sabir, A. (2020)
An Assessment of the Advancing Adolescent Health Program in Bangladesh
Quamrun Nahar, Anadil Alam, Sadia Afrin, Sharad Barkataki, Shusmita Khan, Ali Ahmed, Iffat Sharmin, Musarrat Rubina Mannan, and Mizanur Rahman (2020)
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