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MEASURE Evaluation has produced more than a thousand publications on topics such as monitoring and evaluation (M&E), strengthening health information systems, health informatics, training and distance learning, and on health program areas such as family planning, malaria, and HIV/AIDS. Use the search engine to find publications available as free downloads.

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Enlisting National Mapping Agencies in the Fight against HIV/AIDS: Building Partnerships with Ministries of Health and Social Services, and National AIDS Commissions
Data Quality Assurance
Various (2010)
Report of a Technical Consultation on Information Systems for Community-Based HIV Programs
Zambia Sexual Behaviour Survey 2009
Central Statistical Office, Ministry of Health, National HIV/AIDS/STI/TB Council, University of Zambia, MEASURE Evaluation (2010)
Matching the gold standard: comparing experimental and nonexperimental evaluation techniques for a geographically targeted program
Handa S, Maluccio JA (2010)
Benefits and costs of expanding access to family planning programs to women living with HIV
Halperin DT, Stover J, Reynolds HW (2009)
Sexual violence and reproductive health outcomes among South African female youths: a contextual analysis
Speizer I, Pettifor A, Cummings S, MacPhail C, Kleinschmidt I, Rees H (2009)
Using multiple sampling approaches to measure sexual risk-taking among young people in Haiti: programmatic implications
Speizer IS, Beauvais H, Gómez AM, Finn Outlaw T, Roussel B (2009)
Inconsistent fertility motivations and contraceptive use behaviors among women in Honduras
Speizer IS, Irani L, Barden-O'Fallon J, Levy J (2009)
Fact Sheet: Antiretroviral Adherence
Yoder, Stan (2009)
Fact Sheet: Mozambique Database
Fact Sheet: Ensuring Sustainability
Fact Sheet: Knowledge Management
Comment rendre exploitables les résultats de recherche
Making Research Findings Actionable: A Quick Reference to Communicating Health Information for Decision-Making
Basic Statistics on Health Facility Status and Readiness to Deliver Quality Services
Fronczak, N, Fapohunda, B (2009)
Pillars of Health Facility Assessment: An Illustrative Capacity-Building Curriculum for Mid- and Senior-Level Managers
Fapohunda B, Gragg B (2009)
Quick Poverty Score Toolkit: User's Guide and Spreadsheet
PRISM Tools for Assessing, Monitoring, and Evaluating RHIS Performance
Aqil A, Lippeveld T (2009)
Jamaica National HIV/STI Programme: Monitoring and Evaluation System Operations Manual
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