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MEASURE Evaluation has produced more than a thousand publications on topics such as monitoring and evaluation (M&E), strengthening health information systems, health informatics, training and distance learning, and on health program areas such as family planning, malaria, and HIV/AIDS. Use the search engine to find publications available as free downloads.

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Explaining inconsistencies between data on condom use and condom sales
Meekers D, Van Rossem R (2005)
The determinants of fertility in rural Peru: Program effects in the early years of the national family planning program
Angeles G, Guilkey DK, Mroz TA (2005)
The effects of education and family planning programs on fertility in Indonesia
Angeles G, Guilkey DK, Mroz TA (2005)
The impact of community-level variables on individual-level outcomes, theoretical results and applications
Angeles G, Guilkey DK, Mroz TA (2005)
Injury morbidity in an urban and a rural area in Tanzania: an epidemiological survey
Moshiro C, Heuch I, Åstrøm A N, Setel P, Hemed Y, Kvåle G (2005)
Effect of recall on estimation of non-fatal injury rates: a community based study in Tanzania
Moshiro C, Heuch I, Åstrøm A N, Setel P, Kvåle G (2005)
Integrating demographic and epidemiologic approaches to research on HIV/AIDS: the proximate-determinants framework
Boerma JT, Weir SS (2005)
An evaluation of post-campaign knowledge and practices of exclusive breastfeeding in Uganda
Gupta N, Katende C, Bessinger R (2004)
A Rapid Assessment of Strategic Information Systems for Lesotho
Encuesta Demografica y de Salud Materna e Infantil, ENDEMAIN 2004
2003 Urban NGO Service Delivery Program (NSDP) Evaluation Survey
2003 BPHC Evaluation Survey
2003 Rural NGO Service Delivery Program (NSDP) Evaluation Survey
Guide to the Monitoring and Evaluation of the National Response for Children Orphaned and Made Vulnerable by HIV/AIDS
UNICEF (2005)
Priorities for Local AIDS Control Efforts: A Manual for Implementing the PLACE Method
Weir SS, Tate J, Hileman SB, Khan M, Jackson E, Johnston A, Herman C (2005)
Measuring sexual behaviour in the era of HIV/AIDS: the experience of Demographic and Health Surveys and similar enquiries
Curtis SL, Sutherland EG (2004)
Where the action is: monitoring local trends in sexual behaviour
Weir SS, Tate JE, Zhusupov B, Boerma JT (2004)
Strengthening Monitoring and Evaluation of National AIDS Programs in Asia. Bangkok, Thailand, November 4-7, 2003
The Use of Discrete Data in PCA: Theory, Simulations, and Applications to Socioeconomic Indices
Kolenikov S, Angeles G (2004)
AIDS in Africa during the Nineties: Kenya. A review and analysis of survey and research results
Kenya National AIDS Control Council, Ministry of Health, Kenya National AIDS/STD/TB/Leprosy Control Programme, MEASURE Evaluation, Population Services International (2004)
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