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MEASURE Evaluation has produced more than a thousand publications on topics such as monitoring and evaluation (M&E), strengthening health information systems, health informatics, training and distance learning, and on health program areas such as family planning, malaria, and HIV/AIDS. Use the search engine to find publications available as free downloads.

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From people to places: focusing AIDS prevention efforts where it matters most
Weir SS, Pailman C, Mahlalela X, Coetzee N, Meidany F, Boerma JT (2003)
HIV impact on mother and child mortality in rural Tanzania
Ng weshemi J, Urassa M, Isingo R, Mwaluko G, Ngalula J, Boerma T, Marston M, Zaba B (2003)
Evaluation of midwifery care: results from a survey in rural Guatemala
Goldman N, Glei DA (2003)
Associations of mass media exposure with family planning attitudes and practices in Uganda
Gupta N, Katende C, Bessinger R (2003)
Inequality and changes in women's use of maternal health-care services in Tajikistan
Falkingham J (2003)
Contraceptive dynamics in Guatemala: 1978-1998
Bertrand JT, Seiber E, Escudero G (2003)
Access as a factor in differential contraceptive use between Mayans and Ladinos in Guatemala
Seiber EE, Bertrand JT (2003)
Appropriate methods for analyzing the effect of method choice on contraceptive discontinuation
Steele F, Curtis S (2003)
Demographic and Health Surveys: caesarean section rates in sub-Saharan Africa
Buekens P, Curtis S, Alayon S (2003)
Bulletin 6: Evaluation of the Impact of Population and Health Programs.
Bulletin 5: Investing in Population, Health and Nutrition Monitoring and Evaluation: Lessons Learned.
Socioeconomic Status, Permanent Income, and Fertility: A Latent Variable Approach
Bollen K A, Glanville J L, Stecklov G (2002)
The Effect of Facility Characteristics on Choice of Family Planning Facility in Rural Tanzania
Chen S, Guilkey D K (2002)
A Comparative Multi-Level Analysis of Health Program Effects on Individual Use of Reproductive and Sexual Health Services
Tsui A O, Ukwuani F, Guilkey D, Angeles G (2002)
Health Facility Characteristics and the Decision to Seek Care
Jensen E R, Stewart J F (2002)
HIV impact on mother and child mortality in rural Tanzania
Ng (2002)
Secretive females or swaggering males? An assessment of the quality of sexual partnership reporting in rural Tanzania
Nnko S, Boerma J T, Urassa M, Mwaluko G, Zaba B (2002)
Understanding the Uneven Spread of HIV within Africa: Comparative Study of Biological, Behavioral and Contextual Factors in Rural Populations in Tanzania and Zimbabwe
Boerma J T, Nyamukapa C, Urassa M, Gregson S (2002)
The Determinants of Fertility in Rural Peru: Program Effects in the Early Years of the National Family Planning Program
Angeles G, Guilkey D K, Mroz T A (2002)
Measuring Family Planning Sustainability at the Outcome and Program Levels
Stephenson R, Tsui A O, Knight R (2002)
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