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MEASURE Evaluation has produced more than a thousand publications on topics such as monitoring and evaluation (M&E), strengthening health information systems, health informatics, training and distance learning, and on health program areas such as family planning, malaria, and HIV/AIDS. Use the search engine to find publications available as free downloads.

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Measuring Family Planning Sustainability at the Outcome and Program Levels
Stephenson R, Tsui A O, Knight R (2002)
An Assessment of the Quality of National Child Immunization Coverage Estimates in Population-based Surveys
Brown J, Monasch R, Bicego G, Burton A, Boerma J T (2002)
Determinants of Contraceptive Method Choice in Rural Tanzania between 1991 and 1999
Chen S, Guilkey D K (2002)
The Impact of Community Level Variables on Individual Level Outcomes: Theoretical Results and Demographic Applications
Angeles G, Guilkey D K, Mroz T A (2002)
The Impact of a Reproductive Health Project Interventions on Contraceptive Use in Uganda
Katende C, Gupta N, Bessinger R (2002)
Estimation of levels and trends in age at first sex from surveys using survival analysis
Zaba B, Boerma T, Pisani E, Baptiste N (2002)
Community effects on the risk of HIV infection in rural Tanzania
Bloom S S, Urassa M, Isingo R, Ng (2002)
Assessment of the Roll Back Malaria Monitoring and Evaluation System
Macintyre K, Eckert E, Robinson A (2002)
Cost and Efficiency of Reproductive Health Service Provision at the Facility Level in Paraguay
Angeles G, Gaete R, Stewart J F (2002)
Decentralization in Tanzania: The View of District Health Management Teams
Hutchinson P (2002)
Decentralization, Allocative Efficiency and Health Service Outcomes in the Philippines
Schwartz J B, Guilkey D K, Racelis R (2002)
Bulletin 4: A New Tool to Focus and Monitor AIDS Prevention Efforts: The PLACE Method.
Compendium of Maternal and Newborn Health Tools
Compendium d'Indicateurs pour l'Evaluation des Programmes de la Santé de la Reproduction - Volume I
Bertrand J, Escudero G (2002)
Compendio de Indicadores para Evaluar Programas de Salud Reproductiva
Compendium of Indicators for Evaluating Reproductive Health Programs
Bertrand J, Escudero G (2002)
A Trainers Guide to the Fundamentals of M&E for Population, Health and Nutrition Programs
Community effects on the risk of HIV infection in rural Tanzania.
Bloom SS, Urassa M, Ng'weshemi J, Boerma JT (2002)
Monitoring contraceptive continuation: links to fertility outcomes and quality of care
Blanc AK, Curtis SL, Croft TN (2002)
Mapping capacity in the health sector: a conceptual framework
LaFond AK, Brown L, Macintyre K (2002)
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